December 2017 Newsletter


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Listen Up! A Word from Ron…

The 2017/18 Season is half gone!

… and I have 5 months down as the President of this Club.

We have seen the launch of the Winters Bowls Comp, good growth in active bowls membership, and as Keith Ronaldson will point out from the Coach’s Box segment, a pretty successful first half of the season.

The Social Committee are being brave and are trying an entirely new and far more relaxed approach for our Xmas party this year. Rather than having to commit to a long night (after what can be a long and hot day bowling) they have opted for a pleasant Sunday afternoon where members can come and go as they please and with no entry fee. We hope to see great attendance throughout the afternoon (and no doubt into the evening for some of us J). Guests are most welcome.

We should also be mindful of those people in greater need than us. For this reason, we will not be having a Xmas hamper raffle this year. Rather than donate to our hamper, please donate non-perishable foods and children’s toys at the Club. These will be donated to the Bentleigh Corp of the Salvation Army. We will still have a special Xmassy raffle at our Xmas breakup party on the 17th.

In a similar vein, please donate any spare gold coins to the Monash Children’s Hospital tin at the bar – we’d love to be able to take a full tin to Brendan Maloney (remember Brendan?) and get a fresh one for 2018!

This is the holiday season. For those travelling, particularly by road, please be careful and stay safe!

Seasons Greeting all – and let’s finish the season off with a big bang in finals next year!


Bowling Matters!

Heathy’s Handicap Pairs

Congratulations to the Grand Finalists in Heathy’s Handicap Pairs! The honours were taken out by Bob Coshall and Lindsay Kerr – well done boys!

Special thanks to Garry Waldron for arranging the event to keep us all bowling competitively on the “bye weekend” and also to Lindsay Kerr once again for the magnificent trophy.

Hand Signals

·         Ever been at a noisy bowls club – music, traffic etc and couldn’t hear your Skip properly?

·         Skips - got someone in your rink who’s getting a little hard of hearing?

Knowing the generally accepted hand signals can greatly improve your communications in these circumstances. Jeff Saunders tracked down and shared these illustrations of many hand signals that you can use to improve communications in your rink – the pics are rather old-fashioned, yet effective – worth getting to know them! You can download a copy of the hand signals from the link below:


Sandbelt Ladies Single Championships

Bentleigh BC will be hosting 2 rounds of the Sandbelt Ladies Single Championships on Sunday 10th December (same day as our Club Championship finals). We’re expecting 3 rinks in the morning, and 4 rinks in the afternoon.

To support these Sandbelt Championship matches, we require 3 experienced markers in the morning, and 4 experienced markers in the afternoon. Gender is not a factor for the role of marker, so boys and girls are welcome to volunteer!

Stephen Elmer has already volunteered to be the umpire for the day, but he would also be happy for some support from any other qualified umpires.

Let’s make a good name for BBC at this Sandbelt Championship event.

Club Championship Grand Finals…

…are also scheduled for Sunday 10th December. Come down to watch some great bowling action and maybe a very special treat from Wags’ kitchen at lunchtime!

Another 8 for Mid Week Side 2

This makes two months in a row this rink has made an 8. This time it was against Vermont South at Home on 28th November 2017 (Vermont South will have had a loooong drive home).


You know and love them all very much, but from left to right we have:

Roma McGeachin, Bruce McGeachin, Nilma McColl and Richard McColl.

Congratulations team – and well done again.

Just a quick note for Lozza – if you can’t find a #8 rink marker, you might want to head over to the McColl’s house and check out their trophy cabinet.

From The Coach’s Box

Thank you to the new and also the experienced bowlers who attended the Bowls Etiquette at Bentleigh information session last month. I hope you all enjoyed learning about the unwritten rules / sportsmanship of the game.

Even if you didn’t attend the session, you can get a copy of the notes from the session on the Notice Board in the Club rooms, download a copy from the link below or see Steve Brady for a copy.

Most of the guidelines are common-sense. Still, keep them in your bowls bag and refer to them often, until the highest principles of good sportsmanship become just part of your natural game.

How are we going half way through the season?

Heading into the Xmas break, all Saturday sides are looking either very strong or highly competitive. After the 2nd December round, here’s some observations.

Side 1

Despite not crossing the line for a win often enough in the first half of the season, we can see a very strong performance in the Score Difference total. At +82 shots up, this is the second highest score in the list and one of just 3 clubs to be in positive territory. Let’s see these reflected in games won in the second half and finals are a very real chance.

Side 2

Currently on top of the ladder but there’s no time to rest in the second half with both Glen Eira McKinnon and Murrumbeena Park just one game away. Play like you’re coming second guys and the minor premiership could be yours.

Side 3

In second place after yet another promotion. This side continues to represent our Club with pride and continues to build on their performances when set new challenges. This is their second promotion in a row, and a minor premiership is very achievable let alone finals.

Side 4

Another one in second place and finals for this team also looks almost certain. Beaumaris are more than a game in front, so set them as a good target to reach in the second half.

Side 5

This is our newest side created just this year and there they are on top of the ladder, in spite of struggling to fill spots early in the season (The Selectors and I do wish to thank our Emergency list for helping out tremendously during this time). Keep up the good work and strive for that minor premiership.

The Mid Week Pennant sides are a bit more mixed…

Side 1

Currently in 8th spot on the ladder, there’s some work to do to make finals, and we know what this Mid Week side is capable of. Have a great second half and play for a berth in finals.

Side 2

Yet another Bentleigh side at the top of their ladder. Well done, and it shows that experience can make all the difference with some of our most seasoned bowlers represented in this side! Keep it up and we look forward to cheering you on in the finals.

With these results to date, we must be doing a lot of things right as a Club, so get behind all those who support our Pennant efforts, especially the usually thankless Selectors!

At risk of banging on too often – here’s the Challenges and Themes we are putting into practice this season. Talk about them in practice, and most importantly, during and after the game.


My Challenge…

My Theme…


Never bowl 2 bowls short of the jack.

“I’m all over it”


Positive draw bowls and shots.

“I’m not afraid of it”


Add shots, cover or alter as required.

“I’ll tidy it up”


Bowls as required.

“I’ll cap it off”

Think of your rink as made up of 2 teams

·         The Front End is Leads and Seconds. Your aim is to work together to get 2 or 3 close bowls with at least 1 bowl within 1 metre behind the jack.

·         The Back End is Thirds and Skips. Your aim is to ensure that the worst result is one shot down and to win most ends.

If we can perform to these standards, we WILL win more games than we lose and we WILL enjoy our bowls more.


Social News

Something different for the Xmas breakup

This year, your Social Committee are going to try something quite different and less formal for our Xmas breakup. We’re planning a relaxed Sunday afternoon picnic format where members and their guests can come and go as they please and enjoy some live music from David L’Huillier and possibility a little Karaoke as the afternoon wears on and the vocal cords get lubed up J

If you have a little talent with a musical instrument, feel free to bring it along and have a bit of a jam during the music breaks.

Bring your own food – share plates are always a good idea!

Keep your eyes and ears open for more details!

Xmas drinks with Santa

Yup – it’ll be on again this year! Rock up to the Club from around 4:00pm on Xmas Eve (that’s Sunday 24th everyone).

Tony Heath has requested a visit from Grown Up Santa but hasn’t had a reply yet so cross your fingers he can visit us for a drink before delivering the presents to the kiddies!


BBC Shenanigans!

Double Trouble

Alan Walker’s brother, Fraser, holidayed in Melbourne from Scotland last month.

Naturally, Al introduced him to our little Club and he took to it with passion. He now claims to be the best bowler ever produced by the Club, being undefeated for his entire bowling career (the fact that his entire career consisted of 2 games partnered with Al is beside the point according to Fraser).

We’ve packed him off back to Scotland via NZ, with a stubby holder and a small trophy so he can make up some grand stories for his mates back home.

Great to meet you Fraser, and we look forward to seeing you again someday soon.

BBC World Domination Continues…

Douggie Meehan (aka DTGR8 and/or 168) sent his special BBC greetings from Thailand…


A little too much Douggie and not enough scenery for my liking, but I wasn’t there to take the pic J.

Onya Douggie! Good to see you’re keeping your bowling juice intake up!

Future Newsletters

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