November 2017 Newsletter


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Listen Up! A Word from Ron…

Welcome to our New Members!

We just missed out on welcoming Mitchell Waldron to the Club in the last newsletter.  Mitch is the son of proud Dad, Garry. The best news is that Mitch is much more polite than Banger! Welcome Mitch!


Thanks Lawrie Rocher for the beautiful 2017 rose crop…

This year’s roses on the #1 green have once again come up a treat thanks to the year-round effort put in by Lawrie Rocher to tend to their every need! Well done mate!

Club Standards

I’d like to draw your attention to our current Club statement of Purpose and Ambition at the very top of all our newsletters and our website. Key words in that statement are RESPECT and SAFE. All members are required to exhibit these values at all times at the Club and when representing the Club.

Bowling Matters!

Heathy’s Handicap Pairs – 18 November

Saturday 18th November is bye round for Pennant due to the Australian Open.

As a tribute to Graham Heath, Garry (Banger) Waldron has created a new event for all those available on the day…

…Heathy’s Handicap Pairs…

Your friendly Selectors will decide on the pairings with the objective of creating pairs with similar ability.

·         There will be 3 games of 8 ends in the 2-4-2 format

·         10 points for a win overall, plus 1 point for each end won.

The best 4 teams on the day will playoff in knockout finals over 12 ends:

2 x Semi Finals               Thursday 23 November at 6:30pm

Grand Final                      Thursday 30 November at 6:30pm

Entry fee is $10 per person, with 50% of the aggregate fees paid to the winning pair!

The Entry Form is on the Notice Board and less than a week to go!



Congratulations to Midweek Pennant Side 2 on scoring an 8 at Home vs Moorabbin on 24th October.

Roma McGeachin, Natalie Dandie, Richard McColl and Bruce McGeachin!


Congrats also to Saturday Div 5 rink Betty Licenblat, Alan Butler, Frank (Hollywood) Pocknee and Ken Shaw on their 8 vs Moorabbin – another very sweet one given how close our Clubs are J.


From The Coach’s Box

Bowls is not a complicated sport, so I won’t need to share much new stuff with you this month, but I will remind you of the themes and challenges of the roles within each rink.





My Challenge…

My Theme…


Never bowl 2 bowls short of the jack.

“I’m all over it”


Positive draw bowls and shots.

“I’m not afraid of it”


Add shots, cover or alter as required.

“I’ll tidy it up”


Bowls as required.

“I’ll cap it off”

Think of your rink as made up of 2 teams

·         The Front End is Leads and Seconds. Your aim is to work together to get 2 or 3 close bowls with at least 1 bowl within 1 metre behind the jack.

·         The Back End is Thirds and Skips. Your aim is to ensure that the worst result is one shot down and to win most ends.

If we can perform to these standards, we WILL win more games than we lose and we WILL enjoy our bowls more.

Bowls Etiquette Workshop

We have had the privilege of quite a few new members recently, both new to the game and with experience from other Clubs. It is opportune then to run a quick workshop on bowls etiquette as we want to practice it here at Bentleigh.

I will run this work shop at 6:30pm on Thursday 23rd November. It should take less than 30 minutes, depending on questions raised.

I encourage all bowling members who have joined Bentleigh since 2015 to join in, and also any other bowlers who want a top-up on what’s expected of them on the etiquette front.



Social News

2017 Melbourne Cup Wrap

Despite the poor weather forecast, it turned out very pleasant at the BBC for Cup Day. We had a good turnout of 30-odd punters to enjoy the day.

Paul Wagland prepared a brilliant lunch of Greek-style spit roast lamb, chicken and pork with heaps of great salads to top it off. Thanks Wags and also Tony Heath for great help with the roasting!

Anthony Clark was our bookie for the day running the betting comp. Tony Heath was just brilliant as the fastest (and most colourful language) auctioneer around.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s Cup day. Here’s just a couple of happy snaps from our resident photographer – John Pezos.

There’s heaps more in the Gallery section of our website.

Something different for the Xmas breakup

This year, your Social Committee are going to try something quite different and less formal for our Xmas breakup. We’re planning a relaxed Sunday afternoon picnic format where members and their guests can come and go as they please and enjoy some live music and possibility a little Karaoke as the afternoon wears on and the vocal cords get lubed up J

If you have a little talent with a musical instrument, feel free to bring it along and have a bit of a jam during the music breaks.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more details!




BBC Shenanigans!

Remember Wrenna?

For those new to the Club, you would have missed the opportunity to meet Ros Izod’s guide dog puppy which she fostered for 6 (hectic!) months, including several visits to the Club to help socialise her (Wrenna that is, not Ros!)

Ros provides this update on Wrenna’s progress since leaving Ros in June this year.

I am been asked by many of our members about Wrenna(for our new members my Guide Dog puppy from last season). I handed Wrenna on for her full training 2nd June,  knowing that I could not see her for 4 months.  During August, I was given a brief update of her progress and was pleased to hear that she was passing her ongoing assessments.

Well now I have exciting news-she has passed her assessments and is a qualified Guide Dog.

Wrenna has been client matched to a man and they start their training together mid-November. 

More excitingly for me, I was invited to watch, from a distance, while she trained last week.  When she had completed her training walk, her harness was removed and I had a reunion cuddle with her.....and she remembered me! 

I was very impressed with how she has developed into such a well-trained dog with amazing skills and an obvious love to work.

I wish her well into her future doing the job she was bred to do.




BBC World Domination Continues…

Melina Fairbairn sent her greetings from The Royal Scot in Glasgow after drinking the UK out of Bulmers…

Sallie Hinson getting on with some Vice in Miami… She sure did confound her non-bowling mates on FB with this picture post J



Future Newsletters

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