October 2017 Newsletter


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Our purpose is to be a respected and competitive lawn bowls club that also provides members and guests with a fun, safe and social off-green environment...

Our ambition is to be the most respected Club in our region…


OCTOBER 2017 Newsletter


Listen Up! A Word from Ron…

Farewell to Graham Heath

It was with very heavy hearts that we bid farewell to Graham last month. Our thoughts remain very firmly with Tony and his sisters during this difficult time of saying goodbye.

Graham has been an exceptional President for this Club, and leaves us to enjoy the legacy of new greens, new lights, a refurbished kitchen and much more.

My heartfelt thanks go out to Graham – he will be treasured by this Club for many, many years to come.

Welcome to our New Members!

We extend a formal Bentleigh welcome to Tim Hope-Hodgetts, better known to us all as Tiny Tim and supplier of the sensational Hagens Organics meat trays for our raffles. Hagens is nearby at 35 Patterson Rd Patterson – right near the train station. You can also order online and have your fresh organic meats home delivered – how convenient is that!


We also welcome

  • Jeff Saunders.
    Jeff has kindly offered to assist bowlers currently using an arm or thinking of moving to an arm. He has had many years of experience and has experimented with many methods.
  • James Hay.
  • Bryan and Cathy Samuels.

Working Bee Wrap

We had another great turnout for the Working Bee last month and Alan Walker has expressed his thanks to all for the wonderful work done on the day.

Without diminishing the efforts put in by all, we’d like to call out a couple of huge achievements made on the day:

  • Garry Waldron and his merry band of steam cleaners (John Hayes, Robbie Michael, Mark McLean, Frank and Watto. It looks like over 100 chairs were individually steam cleaned and they have come up a treat.
    We’re ready to get onto the next batch when you’re ready kids J
  • The kitchen clean-up crew (Barb, Debbie, Joan and Rae) spent hours cleaning every item of crockery and cutlery and cleaning out the cupboards. They discovered we had quite a few squatters living on site including Mickey, Minnie, Jerry and Speedy Gonzales to name just  few.
    Funnily enough, Deb couldn’t GIVE AWAY the mouse-poo bickies she served up for afternoon tea…
  • Trev, Youngy and Bob Rorke for the effort in cleaning up the north and western sides of the Doug Osborne green. Sorry – don’t have photos to share of the hard work put in, but it’s there to see!
  • Cookie who built us a new ditch rake for the synthetic green. We know it was a serious effort due to the high-vis work shirt required for the job. A lot of effort went into this one. It took him 2 hours to complete the job, but what a wonderful rake it is!
    Seriously though – Cookie did move a stack of the reject chairs out to the shed and helped out with a few other chores around the place as well – good on ya Cookie!

2017/18 Members Handbook Available

Greg Fidler has once again produced our new season Members Handbook. Pick up your copy from the Club.

As usual, Mr T has put in some tricks to see if we’re actually reading the handbook. Congrats to Harold Laver for spotting that Garry Moore was not on the list of Life Members.

New Club Sponsor

Sallie Hinson has introduced her travel adviser, Josh Zuker Travel as a new sponsor for our Club.

The team at Josh Zuker Travel offers you a complete Travel Agency service where Josh and his team can give you the TLC and focus you deserve to make the most of your precious leisure time. If you want to save time, get peace of mind and professional advice when planning your next trip, check out their website at https://joshzukertravel.com.au/.

Defibrillator Training

Hopefully we’ll never have to put this training into practice, but one day we might be called upon to save someone’s life.

A training sessions has been organised for the evening of Wednesday 1st November at 7:00pm for about 1 hour. If you can make this training, please add your name to the list on the Club noticeboard.

Bowling Matters!

Club Ladies & Mens Pairs and Singles Championships

Entries close for these comps on Sunday 15th October. Entry forms are on the Club noticeboard and there is no entry fee so everyone can participate!

These events feed into the Sandbelt Region Championships, so it is crucial that we stick to the deadlines for each round. Schedule your matches well before the deadline just in case something unexpected “crops up” or there’s inclement weather on the day of the deadline. If you have any issues scheduling your match before the deadline, speak to the Match Committee EARLY so these can be resolved.

You are also reminded that play is North-South on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday except for the designated day for the first round and the semi and grand finals. All other days, play is to be East-West. Please schedule your games accordingly.

We welcome games to be played on Thursday evening as a bit of entertainment for the peanut gallery. However, please don’t schedule these games before 6:30pm to give everyone a chance to do their practice.

Conditions of Play – BowlsVic Pennant Games

There have been some amendments to the Conditions of Play for Pennant matches.

1.   Timing of the greens is no longer mandatory and is at the discretion of the home club.

2.   For Saturday pennant, pre-game practice for the home side can continue up until 12:30pm. Visiting sides cannot practice at the host club.

3.   Pre-game practice is not permitted for Midweek pennant for either the home or the away side on the host club’s green.

4.   Inclement weather

   a.    Heat – If at any time the temperature reaches 36 degrees, play must be suspended. If the temperature fails to fall below 36 degrees after 1 hour, play is abandoned for the day.

   b.    Other (e.g. rain): If play is suspended due to inclement weather, the Greens Director (or deputy) has the sole authority to determine whether play will recommence. If the match cannot recommence after 1 hour, play is abandoned.

The full Conditions of Play can be found on the following BowlsVic webpage. Side Managers and Captains are strongly urged to be familiar with these conditions.


Monthly Triples

The Monthly Triples comp is held on the 3rd Monday each month over the bowls season and always sees some keen visitors from other Clubs participate. Chris Michell runs the comp at Bentleigh and has placed an entry sheet on the noticeboard for the 1st game which will be held on Monday 16th October.

From The Coach’s Box

Bowls is not a complicated sport, so I won’t need to share much new stuff with you this month, but I will remind you of the themes and challenges of the roles within each rink.


My Challenge…

My Theme…


Never bowl 2 bowls short of the jack.

“I’m all over it”


Positive draw bowls and shots.

“I’m not afraid of it”


Add shots, cover or alter as required.

“I’ll tidy it up”


Bowls as required.

“I’ll cap it off”

Think of your rink as made up of 2 teams

·         The Front End is Leads and Seconds. Your aim is to work together to get 2 or 3 close bowls with at least 1 bowl within 1 metre behind the jack.

·         The Back End is Thirds and Skips. Your aim is to ensure that the worst result is one shot down and to win most ends.

If we can perform to these standards, we WILL win more games than we lose and we WILL enjoy our bowls more.

On another matter, I am hearing some criticisms / negative judgements of other people’s bowling around the traps. That’s OK if you want to talk to the individual face-to-face, but otherwise, it doesn’t really help anything. Please keep your opinions private and concentrate on continuing to build your own bowling performance.

“Rinks” Practice

I promised to change it up a little for the Thursday training sessions, so for Thursday week (that’s the 19th October) we will arrange a practice game with our rink mates. Please arrive by 5:00pm so we can get the games going. If 5:00pm is a genuine difficulty for you, please let me know and we can try to make other arrangements to accommodate your needs.

Social News

2017 Melbourne Cup

Wags and his trusty sidekicks are busy organising some food and entertainment for your Melbourne Cup holiday.

Watch out for the posters at the Club for details, and we’ll also shoot you an email.

It promises to be great value, and a lot of fun too.

BBC Shenanigans!

You can’t keep a good team down, and you guys never let me down for Shenanigans. I love this one called “Chris’s Angels” taken at Brighton on Saturday 16th September.

Nice to see Wendy Stoupas getting into the Shenanigans together with Rosa, Leonie, Mel, Margy and Chris Whitehead.

Pete Blee observed that the Brighton bar after the game was probably as noisy and happy as it ever has been!

Well done Bentleigh! Let’s show everyone you can be a competitive lawn bowls club that also has FUN together.


Butch’s Winter Squad lunching at the Bentleigh Club

Butch’s winter squad was spotted at the Bentleigh Club in September celebrating a prosperous Winter Bowls season with Scallop Pies and a few beero’s…


Footy Finals Fever…

It is cricket and bowls season now, but to wrap up the footy season, here’s a couple of snaps we were sent during the Tige’s march to the premiership…

We have a couple of passionate Tigers fans at Bentleigh, but probably none more so than Johnnie Pezos. He was lucky enough to get tickets to the Geelong v Tigers final. The story goes that Johnnie attempted a high five with a Geelong supporter…




Clive King’s Uber co-driver on Grand Final eve…


An artistic shot…

Sallie sent through this photo of Andrew spraying the green – we love the light effect on the spray…

Future Newsletters

If you have any announcements or something you’d like to see in future Newsletters, please see Steve Brady or email brady1sj@gmail.com