September 2017 Newsletter


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Listen Up! A Word from Ron…

2017 Opening Day

We were honoured to have Mr Tim Wilson MP (federal Member for Goldstein) join us last Saturday to formally open the greens for the 2017/18 season.

I would also like to thank Trevor Hanby for the lunch and the post bowls food – both were great!


Welcome to New Members!

We extend a warm Bentleigh welcome to the following new members.

  • Rob Fisher
  • Erica Horsfield
  • Damir Martinic
  • Vlad Rako, and
  • Tim Winnell

Those who played the winter comp will know Vlad, Damir, Rob and Erica well. Tim is a valued past member of BBC and we welcome him back with open arms.

Please join me in making all these guys feel right at home here at Bentleigh BC!

You will have noticed that we’ve welcomed quite a few new members in the past couple of months. This creates fantastic opportunities for our Club, and also a challenge for the Selectors in finding the best structure for the new Saturday Pennant squad. We can be sure of one thing and that is that there will be changes to many sides and rinks. Please support the Selectors as they work through this process and be open to change that may affect you personally.

Working Bee – This Sunday (10 September)

Alan Walker is busy drawing up a list of chores for the pre-season Working Bee to get our Club looking great!

There’ll be a mix of chores, some will involve some heavy lifting or special skills, but there’ll also be plenty of other chores that anyone can assist with – even the office workers!!

Get your butts down to the Club in working gear THIS SUNDAY from 9:00am to lend a hand and enjoy a BBQ and a drink afterwards (we’re onto you this year Cookie – we expect a couple of chores from you before you tuck into the snags).

Giving back to our Community…

Brendan Egan is the Leisure & Lifestyle Program Manager from Glen Eira Council. Brendan has contacted us to see if there is anyone interested in coming and playing carpet bowls with some of the residents at the Warrawee Aged Care Facility in East Bentleigh on a regular basis.

Brendan says “We have some residents who are serious bowlers and enjoy the competition. We would be happy to provide morning tea.

Please try to get a small group together (if not, volunteer on your own) and contact Brendan on 9570 2211 and be sure to let him know you’re from the Bentleigh Bowling Club.

Bowling Matters!

Peter Burnett Bowls Challenge – Sunday 20 August

Well done Bentleigh on winning the inaugural Peter Burnett Bowls Challenge vs Hampton RSL.

The first game saw Bentleigh notch up a strong lead of 52 points, but there’s some talent and fight at the Hampton RSL. They came back strongly in the second game, but our lead from the first was too big.

Bentleigh won on 266 points to Hampton RSL on 238 – just 28 points in the end.

Treasurer Rob Michael accepted the cheque and the trophy on behalf of the Club.

“Best Rink for Bentleigh” went to Keith Ronaldson, Lindsay Kerr, Alan Butler and Tina Boquest.

“Best Rink for Hampton RSL” and winners of the Best Overall Rink Trophies were Annie Westhead, Warren Coleman, Janine Davies and Wendy Davies.

There were many contributors to make the day successful, and we thanked them for their generosity on the day. However I would like to call out 3 very special contributors:

·         John Fowler from Le Pine Funerals for the generous event sponsorship.

·         Tiny Tim from Hagens Organics for the simply AWESOME pulled pork roast for lunch as well as another meat tray for the raffle major prize.

·         Lindsay Kerr for the perpetual trophy and also the Best Overall Rink trophies. They were extremely well received and made a big impact on some people.

We have an Indoor Bowls Champ among us...

Congratulations to Lawrie Rocher on winning the 2017 Winter Pennant Division 1 of the Eastern Suburbs Indoor Biased Bowls Ass’n for the Ashburton Bowls Club.

Great achievement Lawrie and I don’t reckon Ashy would have been good enough without you!


Bentleigh expands to 5 sides!

Yes, while most Clubs are declining in bowls sides, Bentleigh is growing.

Many were disappointed last year in missing out on a Saturday game, and that caused us as a Club to feel disappointed also. To address this, we have expanded to 5 Saturday sides. This means we will need to field a squad of 80 players each week compared with 64 last season.

To meet our commitments to the players in this 5th side and the opposition, it is important for everyone in ALL sides to maximise their availability throughout the season. Please try not to book other commitments in conflict with Saturday pennant.

Pre-season Practice Games

Entry forms are on the Notice Board for both the Saturday and Midweek Pennant Practice Matches. Please ensure your name is on these entries, including if you’re unavailable for one of the Practice Matches. It will help the Selectors enormously.

St Leonard’s Trip Away – The Seagull Returns

The Seagull is safely back in Bentleigh hands!

Two of our rinks won all 3 games:

·         Alan Walker, Trev, Bundy and

·         Keith G, Laurie G and Joan.

Well done – it takes a bit of work to get up for all 3 games.

Banger gets the point… and the win!

Layla Clegg took this photo one Tuesday night at Southern Indoor of Banger making sure that Bentleigh got the point. He was clearly on a mission and definitely micro managing the situation…

It took them about 3-5minutes to make the decision. The point went our way and Bentleigh won the game by that one point!

Goes to show – every shot counts!

From The Coach’s Box

I was given the opportunity to address the Saturday Pennant squad last Thursday after practice. At the beginning, I asked people to raise their hand if they would like to see our Club in Division 1. Almost everyone in the room raised their hand, so that now sets us on a course of improving both the way we play in matches and the way we practice.

These points apply not only to the first 16 each week, but also to everyone who may want to play in that first 16 at some time in the future (whether this season or following seasons) or just want to enjoy bowling well – in other words – all of us!

Here’s a summary of some of the key points we discussed on Thursday:

·         Players are required to practice at least twice per week. Formal practice sessions are run on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons / evenings. If you can’t make these sessions, please make the effort to practice with a purpose at some other time.

o   Tuesdays are for individual practice / coaching

o   Thursdays primary focus will be on the new drills customised for the specific position you are playing in on the following Saturday. We will break it up a bit every now and then to practice as a rink or other similar activities.

·         This season, we are introducing Challenges and Themes for each role in the rink. These apply whatever side you are playing in! We will expand on these during training and I’d love to hear the themes being called out on Saturday’s as we get into the season…


My Challenge…

My Theme…


Never bowl 2 bowls short of the jack.

“I’m all over it”


Positive draw bowls and shots.

“I’m not afraid of it”


Add shots, cover or alter as required.

“I’ll tidy it up”


Bowls as required.

“I’ll cap it off”

·         Think of your rink as made up of 2 teams

o   The Front End is Leads and Seconds. Your aim is to work together to get 2 or 3 close bowls with at least 1 bowl within 1 metre behind the jack.

o   The Back End is Thirds and Skips. Your aim is to ensure that the worst result is one shot down and to win most ends.

·         Pre-match Rink Discussions. The rink members need to meet prior to the roll up. You should discuss things such as green speed, weather (as it pertains to bowls), personal preferences for skipper indications of how long or short your bowl is, preferences for hand etc.

·         On match day, enjoy your bowls and ensure your team mates also enjoy their bowls. Keep your words and your body language positive. We know when we’ve delivered a poor bowl so don’t rub it in to undermine someone else’s enjoyment of the game.

Finally, I have requested the assistance from our other qualified coaches and some senior players, in particular Peter Blee, Mark Thomson and Chris Michell. We will be working as a team on the themes we are introducing this year, so expect a consistent message from your coaching team.

We may have a way to go, but…



Social News

AFL Grand Final Day

The Club will be open on Grand Final day. We’re still working on the details, but expect a quick game of bowls around midday followed by a footy themed lunch before turning our attention to the big match of the day.

Wear some of your club’s footy gear to get in the vibe…

BBC Shenanigans!

Sallie Hinson took this gorgeous photo a couple of Thursday’s ago and has captioned it with “Couples that bowl and stack bars together, stay together”.

Awww – so cute!

Now you can participate too. Go to the Club Facebook page and add your own caption. Keep it noice people!

Gossip and rumours from St Leonards…

1) Was Peter Garrett seen dancing at the pub late in the evening - or was it Chris Clegg?

Also seen on the dance floor were Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets - or was it our very own Butch and Bundy?

2) Trevor Hanby finds the pair of bowls shoes he lost 5 years ago on top of a cupboard in the back room of the house.

3) Good to see Tim Winnell back in Bentleigh colours again

4) 21 people banded together to place some bets for the weekend and lo and behold they landed the quadrella - the masterminds behind these bets turning a $10 investment from everyone into a massive $15 return.

Where the “cool dudes” hang out…

If you were wondering where the cool dudes hang out for brekky or a coffee, the secret’s out. It’s Mark Kirkham’s di Marko’s CAFE in Mahvo St (just around the corner from Centre Rd).

Brady’s Hot Tip: If you like scrambled eggs, give Mark’s a go!


News from C7, Wags and Morry…

The boys are currently in Exmouth WA. They were keen to let the selectors know that they are keeping up the training and sent through some proof.

Here they are at the Exmouth Bowls Club where Clarky took out the Friday Scroungers comp.

(Bloke in the red shirt in the middle pic doesn’t look too happy that a Mexican took the cash!)

Future Newsletters

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