August 2017 Newsletter


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Listen Up! A Word from Ron…

Welcome to New Members!

A big formal welcome to Chris and Layla Clegg. We’ve really enjoyed your company over the winter bowls season and look forward to your active participation in the Club.

Working Bee – Sunday 10 September

Alan Walker is busy drawing up a list of chores for the pre-season Working Bee to get our Club looking as good as it can!

There’ll be a mix of chores, some including some heavy lifting or special skills, but there’ll also be plenty of other chores that anyone can assist with – even the office workers!!

Get your butts down to the Club on Sunday 10th September from 9:00am to lend a hand and enjoy a BBQ and a drink afterwards (we’re onto you this year Cookie – we expect a couple of chores before you tuck into the snags).

Member Subs

If you haven’t paid up already, the Treasury Department  has again asked me to remind you that the absolute deadline for your member subs is the end of this month. Payment is easy:

  • In person – cash  or cheques (payable to Bentleigh Bowling Club)
  • Using the new easiteller machine recently installed at the Club
  • By snail mail – cheques only, or
  • Online direct credit from your bank:
    BSB             033-034
    Account       466117

If you’re having difficulty and need to spread your subs over a few weeks, please see either Rob Michael or Jenny Naylor to come to an arrangement.

Giving back to our Community…

Brendan Egan is the Leisure & Lifestyle Program Manager from Glen Eira Council. Brendan has contacted us to see if there is anyone interested in coming and playing carpet bowls with some of the residents at the Warrawee Aged Care Facility in East Bentleigh on a regular basis.

Brendan says “We have some residents who are serious bowlers and enjoy the competition. We would be happy to provide morning tea.

Please try to get a small group together (if not, volunteer on your own) and contact Brendan on 9570 2211 and be sure to let him know you’re from the Bentleigh Bowling Club.

RSA Training

Despite what you may have heard in the past, it is COMPULSORY to be RSA certified if you are to serve anything besides soft drinks and water behind our bar.

At Bentleigh, we are fortunate to already have a lot of volunteers for bar work and more helpers makes it merrier!

If you would like to help out with bar duties (it’s actually quite fun to do every now and then) there is an RSA course upstairs at the McKinnon Hotel from 6:15pm on Wednesday 30 August. The course is being hosted by the South Caulfield Cricket Club.

There is a cost for the course, but the Club will meet that cost. If you wish to do the course, please let Steve Brady know so that we can arrange for payment to be made for your course. The organiser said spots will fill fast so please let Steve know by next Wednesday (16 August). We’re lookin’ at Pez, Melina, Trev and Clive at least so come on guys...

A PS for Harold…

Brades said he bought a couple of boxes of the Stevens Arrogant Cleanskins wines you recommended. If you’re back from holidays, they’re waiting for you and Mr T to come down on Thursday evenings to drink ‘em (how can you not turn up now J).

Bowling Matters!

Peter Burnett Bowls Challenge – Sunday 20 August

Well done to all who have put their name on the board for this new event in memory of our mate, Pete Burnett.

More people are available than spots, but we’re keen for everyone to get a go. The Bentleigh organisers may ask you if you’re prepared to play just one of the two games in order to give someone else a go on this day. It won’t be compulsory, but think about it if asked or if you’d already be prepared to play just one game, let Steve Brady know now.

The fee will still be $10 as this is going towards the sensational lunch that Johnny Pez and Tiny Tim are plotting for us.

St Leonard’s Trip Away – Seagull Trophy

The annual trek to St Leonard’s is on for Saturday 26th August. Register on the list on the Notice Board and indicate which nights (Friday and/or Saturday) you will be needing accommodation at “The House”. If you’d prefer to stay at the pub, get in early as the rooms disappear quickly!

Opening of the Greens

Opening of the Greens will be held at 1:00pm Saturday 2nd September. All Pennant bowlers are requested to attend in full Club uniform. A Practice Game will be held after the Opening ceremony.

All other members are more than welcome to participate on this day also. We’re very proud of the great turnouts we’ve had in the past couple of years and would like to see that continue.

Practice Games

Gary Waldron has put up the Entry Forms for the Practice Games commencing on Opening Day and going right through to the week prior to the first Pennant game. If you’ve been hibernating for the winter, come down to the Club TONIGHT (Thursday) to put your name on these Entry Forms (which includes a section to notify Selectors of your unavailability.)

Midweek (Tuesday) Pennant

Join in the winning crowd and put your name on the list for Midweek Pennant. These teams have had enormous success over the past couple of years. Games start mid-late Tuesday morning and finish in the early afternoon.

The list is on the notice board in the Club Rooms. Any questions? Please see Peg Woolley.

Social News

BBC’s Annual Golf Day

Our Annual Golf Day was held on Sunday 30 July. Absolutely wonderful conditions for that time of year, completely ruined by a stupid game J.

We only had 16 turn out for the day, but we did enjoy ourselves. There are major earthworks going on at the Brighton Golf Course so we played a composite 9 holes. This made the course much longer and more challenging than we would have expected from Brighton which was an added bonus.

The overall winner was Lindsay Kerr and Lindsay also took out the prize for Longest Drive. On the only par 3 on the composite course, Lindsay put in a nice tee shot and would have taken out Nearest The Pin also but for Tiny Tim who put in a screamer. Alas for Tiny, he missed the first putt for birdie, then the second putt for par and had to settle for a score of 4.

And the NAGA award went to Tony Heath. It was decreed that the maximum score for any hole was 10. Tony scored a 9 on just the one hole, all the rest were 10 or more – made the adding up easy! But Tony did get a birdie – smack in the middle of the chest, feathers everywhere – the poor little bugga didn’t make it and is still resting comfortable next to the fairway…

Thanks Sallie for sending through these pics from the day…

A big thank you to Tony Tes and Tony Heath for organising the event and again to Tony Heath for the Bacon ‘n’ Eggs brekky back at the Club. Thank you also to Lindsay Kerr for the trophies.


BBC Shenanigans!

BBC’s World Conquest continues…

As most of you know, the Brat Pack is up in the Northern Territory terrorising the locals. They’ve sent through a couple of pics to keep you all informed of their shenanigans…

Here’s a sample. You’ll find some more if you “friend” Clarky on facebook.


Crumpy, C7, Bundy, Wags, Morabito and Alan Walker            FAKE SMILE Crumpy. I hear the score was 11 to C7, Morabito and Wags
                                                                                                defeating Bundy, Walker and Crumpy on 7.

This pic is wrong, just so, so wrong!!!


…and finally, a couple of gags to wrap up.

The local pub owner won the big one in Tattslotto, and to celebrate the occasion, he supplied drinks to the community for a week at a mere 20cents each.

One day, a bloke at the bar asked about a group sitting in the corner, not drinking. The owner told him they were from the Bentleigh Bowling Club, waiting for Happy Hour.


I pulled into the crowded parking lot at the local shopping centre and rolled down the car windows to make sure my Labrador Retriever pup, Daisy, had fresh air.

She was stretched full-out on the back seat and I wanted to impress upon her that she must remain there.

I walked to the curb backward, pointing my finger towards Daisy in the car saying emphatically "Now you stay. Do you hear me? Stay… Stay!"

The driver of a nearby car, a pretty young blonde, gave me a strange look and calmly said "Why don't you just put it in 'Park'?"


Thanks Pete Blee!!


Future Newsletters

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