Electric Light

Please call  Ron Gleeson or Tony Tes if you're unable to play.

 ***Teams are subject to change***


Tuesday 5th December

 Division 1 Bentleigh (1) v South Oakleigh (1) Home Synthetic


 Jenny Naylor

 Tina Boquest

 Bernie Powell


 Peter Watson (Manager)

 Pat Tempini

 Darren Morris


 Tim Winnell

 Trevor Hanby

 Paul Wagland


 Gary Waldron

 Rob Michael

 Gary Crump

 Team Manager: Peter Watson

 Emergency: Alan Marsh

 Duty Rink: N/A



Division 2 Bentleigh (2) v Caulfield Park Alma (2) Away


 Bruce Arundell

 Erica Horsfield

 Bryan Samuels


 Sallie Hinson

 Doug Meehan

 June Fitzgerald


 Rob Fisher

 John Simpson

 Mark Kirkham


 Tony Tesoriero (Manager)

 Ron Gleeson

 Rob Santalucia

 Team Manager: Tony Tesoriero

 Emergency: Layla Clegg

 Duty Rink: N/A



 Division 4 Bentleigh (3) v St Kilda (3) Away


 Debbie Johnstone

 Joan Pretty

 Tim Hope-Hodgetts


 Stephen Elmer

 Margaret Mills

 Mel Fairbairn


 Kevin Bosward

 Chris Whitehead

 Leonie Brown


 Ian Chudleigh

 Keith Gillett

 Alan Butler

 Team Manager: Leonie Brown

Emergency: Chris Cook

Duty Rink: N/A