Tuesday Pennant



Team 1 - Div 3 Section 7

Vs Armadale - Away

 Play to start no later then 10.30am 

 Car pooling at 9.15 from Club. 


       Helen Britenfeld

Maria Pellizzer

Chris Clegg


John Haysom

Marg Mills  

  Betty Licenblat


      Jenny Naylor

 Rosa Izod

 Pat Tampini


      Barb Cruickshank

    Rob. Michael

 David Young

Team Manager: Ros Izod

 Tuesday 24/10/2017

Team 2 - Div 4 Section 8 - 


Play to start no later then 10.30am

Leads on Duty


 Roma McGeachin  

    Chris Cook

    Joan Pretty


 Natalie Dandie

    Ken Shaw

    Tom Quinn


 Richard McColl

    Peg Woolley

    Lawrie Rocher


 Bruce McGeachin

    Ken Oakes 

    Kieth Gillett 

Team Manager:   Peg Woolley