Saturday Pennant

 Saturday, 17th February 2018

(Last updated 7/2/18)

We have 85 players available for selection this week and this means that we have had to rest 5 players again this week.  We also have  restrictions over the last 4 games to consider.   We are continuing to take the opportunity to qualify a number of players for finals this week.

Top Side

AWAY vs Hampton 1 on grass





 Clegg C
















Team Manager: Chris Clegg

Team Captain: Keith Ronaldson


Second side 

AWAY vs  Hampton RSL 1 on synthetic (13.5 seconds)





















 Team Manager:   Greg Fidler

Team Captain: Ron Gleeson


Third Side

HOME vs Hampton RSL 2 on the top grass green





















 Team Manager: Kevin Bosward

Team Captain: Keith Gillett


Fourth Side

AWAY vs Beaumaris 4 on ???


 McGeachin R





 McColl N





 McGeachin B





 McColl R




Team Manager: Greg McHugh

Team Captain: Garry Moore


Fifth Side

 HOME vs Caulfield Park Alma on Synthetic





 Gilbert G



 Gilbert B







 Pocknee F






Team Manager: Chris Cook

Team Captain: Tom Quinn

 Home Umpires: Kevin Bosward, Steve Elmer

Duty Rink: Tom Quinn, Peg Woolley, Barry Gilbert and Graeme Rackham

                  Click here to review the duties you need to do. Please ask for help if needed.

Emergency Player List:  Ken Oakes, Natalie Dandie and Rae Pocknee